About Dinna Alexanyan
Marriage, Family, Child
Mental Health Counselor
Dinna Alexanyan, California Licensed Marriage,
Child, Family Mental Health Therapist, has been
studying psychology and practicing for over 1
years.  She is trained in family, relationship,
mediation, individual and children’s therapy
Theta Healing (www.thetahealing.com)
and is well
known for her extensive and creative work with at
risk youth and children and their families.  She is as
well an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life
Church, and performs premarital counseling and
marriage ceremonies for all couples all over the
world.  She further teaches Meditation, Zumba,
Creative Movement, Yoga and Swimming to Children,
Young Adults and Adults.  At present, she is offering
her services to the community for a lowered, sliding
scale fee.

Dinna Alexanyan, MFT, recognizes the financial and
emotional struggles that individuals often faces
during their lives and is offering her assistance in
moving them through that struggle.  

Ms. Alexanyan, in addition, recognizes the
complexities of diverse populations and the
individual challenges that each age and cultural
group face as a result of their various developmental
stages and circumstances.  Ms. Alexanyan is offering
services to assist these individuals  and their
families and community in an affordable manner,
through relationship problems, emotional
disturbances, stress related disturbances and day to
day life management skills.  

Short or long term therapy is applicable as well as
various treatment modalities, such as solution
focused/cognitive behavioral and/or a more insight
oriented, psychodynamic approach
and Theta
.  Her marriage ceremonies are extremely
personalized and mutable to custom fit the couples'
wishes. Although an office setting is available, she is
more than willing to engage in phone or in- home
treatment when deemed appropriate or as being in
the client's best interest or convenience.  

License and references is available upon request..
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